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Timber Cladding
"Beautiful, durable and cost effective timber cladding"
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Discover the top 10 reasons why you should choose timber cladding over any other type of cladding
Timber Cladding The lightweight nature of timber allows it to be installed more efficiently than stone cladding
Timber Cladding With the proper maintenance, timber cladding can last for many years without the need for repairs or replacement
Timber Cladding Suppliers Timber cladding has high insulation properties, ensuring your energy consumption and energy bills are reduced
Timber Cladding Suppliers Timber cladding comes in a range of styles and sizes, allowing it to be installed on a range of properties
Timber Cladding Suppliers As a 100% recyclable material, timber cladding is more enviornmentally friendly than other types of cladding
Timber Cladding Suppliers Due to the timber's sound absorbtion properties, timber cladding can help reduce the noise of any outside sources
Timber Cladding Supplier Timber cladding is perfect for both new builds and restoration projects
Timber Cladding Supplier Timber cladding is a lot easier to repair than other types of cladding
Timber Cladding Supplier With preservative treatment, wood modification, flame retardants and surface coatings, the performance of timber cladding is greatly increased
Timber Cladding Supplier Using timber ensures your CO2 footprint is greatly reduced, saving both the environment as well as your money
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Cladding Suppliers
Cladding Suppliers
Cladding Suppliers
Who are the TDCA?
The TDCA (Timber Decking and Cladding Association) are an independent, non-profit organisation that acts as an advisory and technical body for the UK timber cladding and decking industries. They operate the DeckMark and CladMark schemes, which demonstates high quality and longevity of the materials used, as well as the high standards of the supplier that has been accredited, allowing you to find a trusted source for all of your timber cladding.
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Timber Cladding
Cladding Profiles
Browse from a range of timber cladding profiles, and find the perfect type of cladding to suit your project.
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Timber Cladding
About Timber Cladding
Discover why timber cladding is so popular amongst architects, builders and construction companies.
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Timber Cladding Suppliers
Cladding Case Studies
Find out where our high quality timber cladding has been used, and how it has benefitted the clients and the property.
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Cladding Suppliers
We are members of the Timber Decking Association
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