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Accoya Cladding
"Accoya wood lasts for over 50 years above ground"
Accoya Cladding Supplier
Timber Cladding Suppliers
Timber Cladding Suppliers
Timber Cladding Supplier
Accoya Cladding Supplier
Accoya Cladding
Accoya Cladding Suppliers Lasts for over 50 years
Accoya Cladding Suppliers Coatings last up to two times longer
Accoya Cladding Suppliers Improved insulation for your property
Accoya Cladding Suppliers Swelling & shrinkage reduced by 75%
Accoya Cladding Supplier Indigestible to a wide range of insects
Accoya Cladding Supplier Increased hardness for extra strength
Accoya Cladding Supplier Safe to reuse, recycle and incinerate
Accoya Cladding Supplier Naturally beautiful wood
Timber Cladding Suppliers Reduced maintenance costs
Timber Cladding Supplier Virtually rot proof
Accoya Cladding Supplier
Used by a wide range of professionals, including
Timber Cladding Timber Cladding Suppliers Timber Cladding Suppliers
"Smart Cladding Supplies were very helpful, and made choosing the type
of cladding simple. Thank you for all of your advice - the new accoya cladding looks brilliant on our buidling."

- Customer, Exeter
Accoya Cladding Suppliers
- Swelling and shrinkage reduced by 75% or more
- Doors and windows open effortlessly year round
- Reduced maintenance costs
Accoya Cladding OUTSTANDING
- Lasting 50 years above ground, 25 years in ground/freshwater Class 1 durability, surpassing even teak
- Virtually rot proof
- 70 year minimum service life stated by TRADA
Accoya Cladding Suppliers PERFECT FOR
- Improved stability means coatings last up to two times longer
- Easier to coat, less preparation and sanding required
Accoya Cladding Suppliers NATURALLY
- Offers improved insulation in comparison with commonly used hardwood and softwood species
- Ideal for applications where energy conservation is important
Accoya Cladding Suppliers EXCELLENT
- Easy to machine and process
- No special tools are required
Accoya Cladding Suppliers INSECT
- Indigestible to a wide range of insects, including termites
- Greatly reduced vulnerability
Accoya Cladding Supplier CONSISTENT QUALITY
- Consistent, measurable modification quality from surface to core
- No need to apply chemical preservatives when cut or planed
Accoya Cladding Supplier NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL
- Process does not compromise the wood's natural beauty
Accoya Cladding Supplier FROM SUSTAINABLE
- From FSC, PEFC and other regionally certified woods
- Naturally renewable
Accoya Cladding Supplier RETAINED STRENGTH
- The process does not compromise the wood's strength
- Hardness is increased
- High strength to weight ration makes it suitable for challenging applications
Timber Cladding NON-TOXIC &
- Protects the environment from the harmful effects of common treatments
- May be safely reused, recycled and incinerated
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