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Members of the TDCA
As members of the TDCA (Timber Decking & Cladding Association) we at Smart Cladding supplies pride ourselves on our reputation for supplying and delivering high quality cladding materials from leading manufacturers.

The TDCA is an in dependant technical advisory organisation. We at Smart Cladding Supplies have been recognised by the TDCA for our high quality products.
Design Considerations
Benefits of timber cladding - as stated by the TDCA -
Practical Advantages Include:
Cladding Supplier It’s a lightweight material offering protective and decorative design functions
Cladding Supplier Dry installation means external envelope is quicker to install
Cladding Supplier Elimination of heavy masonry outer walls reduces size and cost of foundations
Cladding Supplier

Cladding panels may be factory pre-fabricated complete with insulation and breather membrane

Cladding Supplier

Wide choice of softwoods, hardwoods and modified woods to suite all budgets

Cladding Supplier Performance easily enhanced by preservative treatment, wood modification, flame retardants and surface coatings
Cladding Supplier Outstanding thermal and sound insulation properties
Cladding Supplier Suitable for both new build and renovation projects
Cladding Supplier Ease of repair
Cladding Supplier
"Timber cladding provides the perfect solution for both domestic and commercial properties."
Aesthetic Advantages
Cladding Supplier Timber is a natural material, warm and comforting
Cladding Supplier It is attractive in grain and colour
Cladding Supplier Wide availability of styles, textures and finish options encourages design innovation
Cladding Supplier Easily rejuvenated or redecorated
Environmental Advantages
Cladding Supplier Timber is a renewable resource
Cladding Supplier Source certification schemes ensure its sustainability
Cladding Supplier Low carbon footprint - requires less energy to produce than any other construction material
Cladding Supplier Growing trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere
Cladding Supplier Major potential for re-use or recycling at end of life
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